Jon Orens’ son died last fall, after 11 year fight with addiction, of a drug over dose and this is his story about how he wrestled with the devil for his son soul. Only a year after his son death, Orens   calm, cool and collected as he explained how his son Danny succumb to his disease. Orens had thee pictures of Danny on the board when you walked in the room and all three pictures showed Danny in three different lights (before addiction, hight of addiction, recovery). These pictures were very powerful you could see three different people even though they all were Danny. Orens told us a story about a dragon that lives beneath us all and only 10-20% of the world actually comes in contact with this dragon. See the dragon lives in a space about the size of a gymnasium there is only two doors in this gym one to enter and one to exit. Oreans description so far is just describing life itself there are only two doors in life birth and death. This isn’t your standard gymnasium, this gym is on a slope a steep one, to the right you have high side of the slope and to the left you have low side. The dragon lives on the low side trying to course and entice the 10-20% of the population that have the genetic wiring that is susceptible to addiction. The goal is to stay in recovery on the right side of the room where you support is. People in this room have to keep their strongest leg down and when they got tired they have a support system of people to hold them up.

Every waking moment of you life has to be fight to stay clean, “your sobriety has to be the most important thing in you life,” said Orens. “Even if that means missing you kids birthday to get to a meeting.”

Orens and his wife now divorce did everything they could to help their son, taking him to see all kinds of doctors but Danny was a fit healthy guy and looking at the body from neck down won’t solve anything. “If there is going to be a problem is going to be from the neck up,”said Orens.

For the Orens family, outreach and telling their story of wrestling the dragon beneath us all helps them cope with the loss of their son. Orens sit on the Opioid Task Force in Philadelphia he describe that as being a think tank to help combat the opioid epidemic has taken place in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, he likes to spread this message to parents trying to maneuver through this life long journey with a child that is struggling with addiction. Orens will tell you like it is because you as a parent in for one hell of a ride.