2019 Class Project

By Covering Addiction Editor 956 Views
Our 2019 class project is finally live! Click here to check it out.

Guest Speaker Dr. Jerry Stahler

By Diana Cristancho 729 Views
Professor Jerry Stahler who teaches geography and urban studies here at Temple talked to our class about mass incarceration, the …

Reflection Gerald Stahler

By Solmaira Valerio 558 Views
Our guest speaker for Tuesday’s class, Gerald Stahler gave the class some very valuable information on the prison system of …

Reflection: Jerry Stahler

By Julia Boyd 499 Views
Our guest speaker on Tuesday, Jerry Stahler, was very informative on the conditions of the criminal justice system in Philadelphia …

Guest Speaker Fred Way

By Diana Cristancho 568 Views
The director of the Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Residences (PARR), came to our class and talked to us about the …

Av Gutman- Reflection

By Brittany Valentine 593 Views
Av Gutman works for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and his work is mostly about policies. He was a very interesting and …

Av Gutman- Guest Speaker

By Mackenzie Gasper 605 Views
I really liked Av’s presentation. I like how active he is on social media as it’s an important, and honestly …

Guest Speaker Lisa Kelley

By Mackenzie Gasper 471 Views
Lisa Kelley came to speak to our class and I found her presentation very interesting. I am definitely making a …

Fred Way Recap

By Mackenzie Gasper 557 Views
Guest Speaker Fred Way Fred Way from PARR came to speak to our class. I really liked his presentation and …

Reflection: Dr.Stahler

By Mackenzie Gasper 440 Views
 Dr. Stahler came to speak to our class today about drugs and criminal justice. He brought up the fact that …