In this special topics course, a group of students from Temple University’s Department of Journalism in the Klein College of Media and Communication spends a full semester reporting on addiction solutions. Click here to see the syllabus for the Spring 2018 semester, and here to see the syllabus for Spring 2017.


Faculty Editor: Jillian Bauer-Reese
Jillian Bauer-Reese is an assistant professor of journalism in the Klein College of Media of Communication at Temple University where she teaches courses in design, data journalism, community engagement, and solutions-driven reporting. Her creative work most often focuses on drugs, addiction, harm reduction, and recovery. She is also the creator and editor of Kensington Voice, a community-driven newsroom in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. Connect with her today at jbr@temple.edu or @thesmallpicture.

Lead Copy Editor: Lila “Maddie” McDermott
Lila is originally from Montgomery County, MD, where she earned her associate degree from Montgomery College before transferring to Temple University in 2017. She is excited to spend the final semester of her undergraduate degree taking on more meaningful projects and delving into the world of solutions journalism. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she plans to pursue a degree in law with a concentration in human rights and immigration.

Assistant Copy Editor: Caitlin McCafferty
Caitlin McCafferty is a junior journalism major at Temple University.  She hopes to graduate and write for a magazine somewhere in a big city. As someone who has seen how horrible addiction can be, she is hoping that through this project that she can gain better skills on reporting addiction for any future stories she has to write about that involve addiction. Seeing how addiction has hurt people in Caitlin’s life, she also hopes that this can create a sense of understanding so people struggling can come to Caitlin and they can tackle their addiction together in a safe way.

Multimedia Editor: Lake Stein
Lake Stein is a senior at Temple University and is studying print journalism and photography. In her journalism, she has authored stories that primarily focus on the issues facing women and communities of color. These pieces have included exclusive interviews she conducted with Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ibram X. Kendi, both recipients of the National Book Award for Nonfiction. Lake’s interest in photography was sparked when she was living in the Grand Teton National Park during the summer following her sophomore year of college. Through photography courses taken at Tyler School of Art, Lake was able to develop her film photography skills.

Motivated by her passion for photography, Lake studied in Los Angeles her junior year of college and interned for photographer Joe Schmelzer. During her time assisting Schmelzer, Lake worked on sets that included Tommy Bahama, the Wall Street Journal, and One Kings Lane. Lake has since traveled to Arizona to take stills for short-film Las Lobitas Los Angeles. Now in Philadelphia, Lake is currently a photography intern at Public Interest Network Creative, an organization that produces media content for non-profits like PennEnvironment and Clean Water Action.

Design Editor: Claire Halloran
Claire Halloran is a senior studying journalism, with a focus on data, at Temple University. She currently works as the design editor at The Temple News, Temple’s award-winning, independently run newspaper. She is passionate about animal rescue, visual arts, and matcha tea.

Community Engagement Editor: Zari Tarazona
Zari Tarazona is a senior journalism student at Temple University. Zari joined The Temple News, the university’s student-run newspaper, as the deputy features editor this school year. She enjoys reporting on community and social-impact stories, especially ones that affect marginalized communities. It is the main reason she pursued a career in journalism.

Zari signed up for Solutions Journalism: Covering Addiction to learn the issues and reporting ethics related to the subject. She’ll use what she learns in the class to help her speak to individuals and families who want to share their stories. In this class, Zari hopes to cover a topic that isn’t often reported on by the media in Philadelphia.

Facebook Editor: Jackie Minnis
Jackie Minnis is a senior journalism major graduating in May 2019 who hopes to one day pursue a career in broadcast journalism. She wants to work in the entertainment industry and eventually host her own talk show. Right now, she works with The Temple News where she works as their diversity opinion beat writer. She is also the secretary and social media director on Temple’s gymnastics club team’s executive board. Jackie also likes creating and designing publications after taking a few design courses throughout her education at Temple. After graduation, Jackie hopes to either have a paid internship, a full-time job, or the opportunity to take a year off to teach English abroad.

Instagram Editor: Brittany Valentine
**Trigger Warning: Self-harm
Brittany Valentine is 26 years old and a senior journalism major who will graduate in May 2020. She transferred from community college after attending a university in New Jersey for two years where she studied philosophy and received an associate’s degree in health and physical education. She has worked as a personal trainer, a salesperson at a few health food stores, and currently works as a cashier and host at a pizza restaurant. She also has a social media internship with Women Organized Against Rape in Center City.

She chose to work towards a bachelor’s in journalism because she has always loved writing and grew up with an affinity for reading magazines. She is unsure what she wants to do after she graduates, but ideally, she would love to write books, whether it be poetry collections, social justice nonfiction or journalism about human rights issues that need more attention. She would also love to be a speaker of some sort, motivational or educational, or preferably both.  

She is also currently one year free of self-harm, specifically cutting and slamming my head against walls. She has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, social anxiety, and ADHD, and is on medication and goes to therapy regularly. Her Instagram username is @recoveryspirit because for most of her twenties have been devoted to understanding what recovery means, and how to maintain it long-term. She realizes it is still vastly different than substance use disorder, but she likes to think she can empathize with the concept of being at war with oneself, and feeling out of control. She has also witnessed many people in her family go through addiction, and she finds it extremely frustrating and disheartening to hear the language used by her family members to describe both the act of using drugs and the people themselves. She has a very basic, and truly limited understanding of addiction, recovery and the ethical ways to report on these issues, and she wants to change that. She believes that everyone deserves to be loved and have a chance to heal. 

Twitter Editor: Diana Cristancho
Diana Cristancho is a junior journalism major at Temple University who will graduate in December 2019. 

Photographer: Julia Boyd
Julia Boyd is a junior journalism major at Temple with a concentration in multimedia. She has previously written for the Temple News and hopes to pursue a career in publication design and social media marketing. Julia is excited to cover this topic in journalism throughout the semester and is eager to report on such an important issue. When she isn’t writing or creating digital content, she can be found browsing antique stores or searching for the perfect cup of coffee. She can be reached at julia.boyd@temple.edu or through Twitter @JuliaKBoyd.

Photographer: Colleen Claggett
Colleen Claggett is an undergraduate student at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication. She is actively pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies, and a minor in journalism studies. Colleen’s main interest lies in photojournalism, and she aims to pursue a career in the field upon graduation in the spring of 2021. When she is not behind the camera, Colleen enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and mutt named Deuce. To see Colleen’s work, follow her @colleenclaggett on Instagram.

Photographer: Emma Goldhaber
Emma Goldhaber is a junior journalism major at Temple University. She earned two associates degrees from Allegany College of Maryland before transferring to Temple. She currently freelances as a photographer and videographer, as well as being a freelance writer for The Temple News.

Emma has a passion for writing and telling people’s stories through a combination of literary and visual storytelling. She’s very interested in solutions journalism and is looking forward to learning how to report with better empathy and accuracy. Contact Emma at emma.goldhaber@temple.edu.

Photographer: McKenzie Morgan
McKenzie is a sophomore journalism major at Temple University. So far she has focused most of her journalistic career on music working as a radio host for the university’s radio station, WHIP. She also freelances for various music magazines, such as The Spilland Indie Is Not A Genre. She was also featured on Sandy Joy Weston’s four part podcast, Let’s Keep It Real: Campus Style. When she’s not working on any of these things, she’s probably at home binge watching crime documentaries or at the gym.

Photographer: Solmaira Valerio
Solmaira Valerio is a photographer based in Philadelphia. She is a first-generation college student who studied photography at Community College of Philadelphia and is currently a journalism major with a psychology minor at Temple University. 

Solmaira spent three years volunteering for an organization called Youth United For Change. They are a democratic organization that is mainly made up of working class youth of color. The goal of the organization is to hold the government and school officials accountable to guarantee Philadelphia public students their educational rights. Solmaira has organized protests and campaigns that were geared towards policy-making that made the front page of Al Dia and Metro newspapers. Since then she has traveled to underrepresented communities in the Dominican Republic and Thailand, where she expanded her photojournalism portfolio.

In 2017,  Solmaira was awarded the Vision Graphics Fine Art Photography Award from the Community College of Philadelphia.

Zine Editor: Mackenzie Gasper
Mackenzie Gasper is a photojournalist based in South Philadelphia. She received an associates degree in journalism from Luzerne County Community College and is currently a senior at Temple University. When she’s not in class, she can be found covering live music events for Rock on Philly, and working with various social media accounts including Urban Outfitters Philadelphia. Growing up in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Mackenzie realizes the importance of working with community members and hopes to continue to use her platform to convey the value of compassion, arts and understanding after graduation.


Jenny Roberts

Executive Editor: Jenny Roberts

Jenny Roberts is a senior journalism and political science double major at Temple University. She works as the Supervising Editor at her university’s editorially independent student newspaper, The Temple News. In the past, she has interned at the Reading Eagle, a newspaper in Berks County, and the online publication Talk Media News, for which she covered the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Some of her favorite topics to report on include politics, education, art and culture. She is also interested in social justice issues and the U.S. criminal justice system. Jenny currently interns at the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, a nonprofit that works to exonerate those convicted and incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. She also is a student leader for Temple’s chapter of The Petey Greene Program, which places volunteer tutors in GED programs at correctional facilities. When she isn’t reporting on what’s going on in the world, she’s spending her free time trying to change it for the better. Through Covering Addiction, she hopes to blend these two interests.

Julie Christie

Managing Editor: Julie Christie

Julie is a junior journalism major with a minor in criminal justice. She’s the Enterprise Editor for The Temple News, Temple University’s independent student-run newspaper. There, she coordinates long-term reporting projects and slowly hacks away at the newspaper’s website. Last summer, she interned at The Reentry Project, a 15-newsroom collaboration in Philadelphia that produced concentrated reporting on prisoner reentry in the city. She loves working with big data and code and spends her free time finding new ways to cook potatoes and watching sci-fi shows.

Brianna Cicero

Community Engagement Editor: Brianna Cicero

Brianna is a senior journalism major at Temple University with a concentration on Editorial Management. She is currently a Content Strategist Intern and Editor-in-Chief for Odyssey, the Editorial Director of Temple’s chapter of Spoon University and the Deputy Director of Parliament Communications for Temple Student Government.

This past summer, Brianna worked for her local, hometown paper, LNP and LancasterOnline, covering events and issues important to the people of Lancaster County. She is also a 2016 alumna of The Fund For American Studies’ Institute on Political Journalism where she covered the 2016 election in Washington D.C for a political start-up, The Stream, as well as attended briefings at publications like The Washington Post. In addition, she has previously served as a contributor for BuzzFeed, was a staff reporter for Eastern University’s newspaper, The Waltonian, and was the Editor-in-Chief of Eastern’s literary magazine, Inklings.

Sydney Schaefer

Multimedia Editor: Sydney Schaefer

Sydney Schaefer is a senior journalism major, with a concentration in photojournalism, at Temple University. She currently holds the position of Photo Editor at The Temple News, Temple’s award-winning, student-run newspaper while also working as a photography intern at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and philly.com. Last semester, she interned at Billy Penn, where she wrote and photographed her own stories. She still freelances there today.

Sydney has a passion for visual journalism and telling people’s stories with her camera. She hopes to work as a photojournalist, continuing to pursue that passion, upon graduating in May. Probably amped up on coffee and talking about basketball.

Austin Ampeloquio

Photographer: Austin Ampeloquio

Austin Ampeloquio is a senior journalism major at Temple University who was born and raised in Danbury, Connecticut. He is the Temple volleyball and women’s basketball beat reporter for The Temple News and has interned with Philly Sports Digest since 2015 covering high school and college sports around Philadelphia. Austin also contributes content to The Empire, a blog about Philadelphia college basketball. From 2015 to 2017, Austin was an editor at Clutchpoints for KnicksNation.net where he edited, produced and published articles about the New York Knicks and other NBA related content before the company reformatted its website. Austin has recently been more involved in producing visual content by shooting and editing videos for journalistic work and for fun as well.

Other than journalism, Austin has a passion for music and boxing. He has been the pianist for the Temple University Newman Center during masses since his freshman year and is currently training to be an amateur boxer. He plans on using his diverse experiences and interests in helping him understand different approaches for presenting his work.

Valerie McIntyre

Photographer: Valerie McIntyre

Valerie McIntyre is a senior at Temple University majoring in Media Studies and Production. She is passionate about mental health and writes about her own recovery from an eating disorder. She started her college journey at the Community College of Philadelphia where she graduated in 2016 with her associate’s in Mass Media. With the intention to major in Journalism, she fell in love with Media Studies and Production at Temple University where she could exercise both interests in journalism and Television News Production.

She is also passionate about music which led to an online music magazine called Beyond the Stage where she is a writer and photographer. She also produced and directed a documentary called Theater of Chaos: The Philly Punk Story which focuses on the punk music scene in Philadelphia. She loves to write stories and loves writing her own scripts for film and television. She freelances for The Temple News and contributed news packages for Temple Update. She sees herself as a multimedia storyteller. She hopes to continue her advocacy in mental health awareness and pursue a career in TV News Production as producer, photographer, and video editor.

Christian Luxford

Reporter: Christian Luxford

Christian Luxford is a senior journalism major at Temple University. He received an associate’s degree from Palm Beach State College. He transferred to Temple wanting a journalism degree so he can pursue his passion of sports journalism. Having been an athlete his entire life, Christian looks to become a sports broadcaster after college. He plans on sitting next to Merrill Reese in the near future calling the Eagles games every Sunday.

Matt McCann

Reporter: Matt McCann

Matt is a senior journalism major at Temple. He transferred from New Jersey’s Sussex County Community College where he wrote for the school newspaper. At Temple he has taken on the role of community beat reporter for The Temple News. During the summer of 2017 he studied abroad and reported in South Africa with an amazing team of Temple students. Matt has an interest in covering addiction and is excited to learn how a more proactive, solutions-based style of reporting can be implemented to help and inform in a meaningful way. 

Larry O'Connor

Reporter: Larry O’Connor

Larry O’Connor is a senior journalism major, with a focus on sports reporting and writing. Since coming to Temple, Larry has worked with Temple Update’s SportsDesk as a football and basketball beat writer. This includes weekly stories, gameday coverage, and multimedia coverage before and after every game.

While Larry has not been affected by addiction personally, he has seen what it does to individuals, and communities and would like to learn more about it, in an attempt to educate himself, and to educate others.

Nico Rossi

Reporter: Nico Rossi

Nico Rossi is a senior journalism major at Temple University. Before Temple University, he attended Luzerne County Community College, where he was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. He also earned an associate’s degree in Journalism. He interned with the Jenn and AJ morning show with Citadel Communications. He currently works as a weekly Columnist for the Greater Pittston Progress. He worked as a reporter for The Temple News, and also interned in the Marketing Department at Joyce Insurance Company. Nico loves sports, especially football. He also is very interested in criminal justice and investigative reporting, looking toward the future. But, most of all he loves to talk. Meeting new people and hearing their stories is his favorite part of journalism and his job.

Laura Smythe

Reporter: Laura Smythe

Laura Smythe is a junior studying journalism at Temple University. She fell in love with journalism by listening to people’s stories while traveling around Europe, Africa, and the Americas before attending Temple. Laura works as an editor for College Magazine, a national publication for college students, and as a featured writer for LGBT Outfitters, a magazine focused on LGBT rights, positivity, and awareness. She is also the Philadelphia correspondent for New York arts and culture magazine The Knockturnal and a freelance writer for The Temple News.

Laura is originally from Seattle, but Philadelphia stole her heart. She is a fan of the Oxford comma, self-shooting her articles, and soy Chai lattes.  She enjoys writing about mental health, feminism, travel, and arts and culture. Last summer she tried her hand at international reporting in South Africa and wrote a Hearst award nominated longform piece on sexual violence in addition to a package of articles on local artisans and their crafts. You can catch her blogging about her travels on her forthcoming blog Across the Time Zones.


Executive Editor: Michaela Winberg

Michaela Winberg is a junior journalism major and a history minor at Temple University. She currently works as the Supervising Editor of her college newspaper, The Temple News, a production assistant intern for a Philly startup podcast called Story Shuffle, and a remote correspondent for The Bellingham Herald, a daily newspaper based out of Washington state.

Last summer, Michaela worked as a correspondent for The McClatchy Company when the Democratic National Convention came to Philadelphia. She reported on the Washington state delegation during all four days of the convention, publishing stories online and in print.  In the fall, she interned at the city desk of the Philadelphia Inquirer, covering everything from local crime to political rallies to profiles of World War II veterans living in Philadelphia. Michaela is excited for the opportunity to cover addiction in Philadelphia and expand her skills as a journalist using solutions journalism. She can’t wait to get started!

Managing Editor: Grace Shallow
Grace Shallow is a sophomore journalism student at Temple University in Philadelphia. On paper, she is the deputy features editor for The Temple News, an intern for WHYY’s PlanPhilly and a contributor for the Spirit News with previous work at her hometown’s paper, Cinn City News. On campus, she’s often running from interview to interview with a coffee in her hand and a Moleskine notebook in her backpack.

Solutions Editor: Emily Scott
Emily Scott is a junior journalism major and history minor at Temple University. She works as the Features Editor of The Temple News, editing and covering people, places and things around campus and the city.

She is also currently an intern for a startup project called the Philadelphia Reentry Reporting Collaborative. The project covers reentry after incarceration in the city with a solutions journalism approach. Emily is currently working on a story for The Notebook about reentry into education. This past summer, Emily interned for Metro Éireann, a multicultural newspaper in Dublin where she covered refugee and immigrant news.

Multimedia Editor: Brianna Spause
Brianna Spause is a lot of things. She is a senior studying Journalism at Temple University, an Emmy award winner, Photo Editor of The Temple News, President of Aperture Photo Agency, Contributing Editor of JUMP Magazine, coffee lover, a distinctly bad dancer… the list goes on. This spring, she’s also interning on the Photo Desk of The Philadelphia Inquirer and trying to navigate her next step into “the real world” – whatever that means.

Brianna has a passion for illustrating the human experience through photography and videography. She has documented resilience in the struggling education system in South Africa, youths on house arrest channeling frustration into music production, the impact of redevelopment in proud neighborhoods, and always has her ear to the ground to see what’s next.

Facebook Editor: Marianna Sann
Marianna Sann is a junior studying journalism at Temple University. Her passion for sharing experiences of people with real-life situations and untold stories, has led her to pursue a career in documentary storytelling. She co-hosted Temple Pulse, a radio show part of Temple’s student run radio station, WHIP. Marianna is in the process of producing and co-hosting her own podcast show called contactHIGH. She wonders if her plans to share stories her way lives outside the world of traditional journalism. As a Resident Assistant for college students living on campus, and student worker for Temple’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Marianna loves supporting and interacting with others.

Instagram Editor: Jake Galli
Jake Galli is a Junior Journalism student at Temple University. In his time at Temple, he achieved many leadership positions, most notably as an E-board member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity during 2016. He also contributed to WHIP as an on air host on the shows Stadium Talk and Temple Sports Hour, and engineered both football and basketball broadcasts for the station.

In his experience outside of Temple, Jake interned at WCHE in the summer of 2016, working with broadcasting pioneer Bill Werndl. He also plans on interning with the Eagles or Sixers this summer. Going forward, Jake hopes to find a job in sports media, but will also use his minor in computer science to more poignantly display the raw data and information that most other journalists/publications fail to capitalize on.

Twitter Editor: Taylor Allen
Taylor Allen is a sophomore Journalism major with a Political Science minor at Temple University. She also does the Morning Updates for WHIP, Temple’s student radio station. She is the creator of WHIP’s The District where she and a co-host discuss Philadelphia and Pennsylvania state politics every Tuesday and Thursday night; 7-8 pm. She previously interned for Solomon Jones at 900amWURD for the “Wake Up With WURD” show where she learned about radio production and promotion through social media. She is a member of Temple’s Association of Black Journalists. She has volunteered with Update Now during her first year. She is the executive producer of TUTV’s Temple Talk, Temple’s only entertainment day show.

Photographer/Videographer: Maggie Andresen
Maggie Andresen is a graduating senior studying journalism at Temple University. She specializes in documentary storytelling through photography and videography. Maggie has produced work for audiences in the United States, South Africa, and Italy. She had the pleasure of working as an intern for New Orleans-based newspaper The Times-Picayune, and will join the video team of The Denver Post this coming summer. Maggie’s work focuses primarily on elevating voices from marginalized communities. She has worked with formerly and currently incarcerated women in Philadelphia to raise consciousness about the reality of gendered incarceration, produced a short documentary focusing on AIDS orphans and HIV positive mother living in South Africa discussing the new paradigm of how the illness is perceived, and created a multimedia project that followed West African migrant workers living in a dilapidated tent city in southern Italy facing intimidation by the Calabrese mafia. Maggie hopes to continue elevating voices by covering addiction in Philadelphia through the lens of solutions-driven journalism. 

Reporter: Zach Bourgeois
Zach Bourgeois is a junior Journalism major at Temple University. Zach has come into Temple unsure of his path in journalism, venturing off into several different aspect during his time at college. Experienced in reporting for music, sports, movies, and opinion pieces, Zach has also go on to produce, and host his own show on WHIP, the student run radio organization on campus. Covering addiction holds a close connection to Zach personally and he hopes to bring that to the work you will see here.

Reporter: Meghan Costa
Meghan Costa studies journalism and psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also writes for the schools newspaper, The Temple News. After graduation, Meghan hopes to stay in Philadelphia and write for a magazine or newspaper. She would like to specialize in mental health reporting, but she is open to any and all opportunities that come her way. Meghan also has a strong passion for creative writing, and is always looking to collaborate with other creatives on projects of any kind. Some of her favorite writers include e.e Cummings, T.S. Elliot, and Kurt Vonnegut. Meghan is originally from West Chester, which is a suburb of the Philadelphia area.

Reporter: Megan Dorantes
Megan Dorantes was born and raised in Arizona, relocating to Philadelphia in 2013 to attend Temple University, where she is currently in her last semester.

Megan started by publishing profiles on community members in the Arizona TriState area; but as a university student, Megan changed focus to editorial/criticism writing, where she wrote and self-published reviews on various Philadelphia arts/performances.

Megan is constantly trying to expand her experience with media design, having published multiple webpages for various class and work content. She has also done work in digital curations, recently putting together a web collection on female sexuality. Megan hopes to continue her writing and media criticism work, as well as building on her editing credentials.

Reporter: ZyMoon Gillespie-Anderson
Hailing from Brooklyn NY, Fede ZyMoon Gillespie-Anderson is a Freshman Economics major at Temple University. While he is currently majoring in economics, he is still unsure what he intends to study for the majority of his college career and is exploring a wide range of subjects. This will, in fact, be his first time venturing into the field of journalism. However, though he lacks experience, he is very eager to learn. He is excited to learn more about the ins and outs of solutions journalism and the effects of addiction and mental health issues on people’s lives.

Reporter: Albert Hong
Albert Hong is a senior journalism major and digital technologies minor at Temple University. As someone who has never personally been affected by addiction, or experienced it with a friend or family member, he’s hoping to gain more knowledge on the issue at both a local and national scale. Through talking with those who have dealt with addiction, he’s also hoping to gain an understanding of how and why addiction has become something so serious to be considered an epidemic. The idea of solutions journalism is also something that intrigues him, as someone who has considered how he could use his journalistic skills to foster viable and realistic solutions to issues.

Other than looking at the journalism industry, Albert’s usually keeping a close eye on the local and national tech communities, as well as the video game industry. During his free time, if he’s not catching up on his ever-growing backlog of games (currently playing Hitman Absolution), he’s trying to keep up with the endless amount of Korean dramas out there (currently watching Goblin).

Reporter: Jacob Martin
Student athlete Jacob Martin is a junior journalism major in the School of Media and Communication at Temple University. Over the three years he has been a Temple student, he has developed as a skill for journalism design. As he embarks on this new journey in solutions journalism he seeks to particularize his ability in solutions journalism writing. Jacob has not been personally affected by addition but knows that this is one community that needs to be brought to light. He is very thrilled to be apart of this solutions journalism team and cannot wait to help put an end to the negative social connotations that surround addiction.

Jacob is a very strong and passionate leader and has had success on and off the football field. He currently sits on executive board of the NCAA Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) as the Coordinator of Alumni Relations for Temple University’s SAAC and the American Athletic Conference SAAC. He has been apart of numerous community service initiatives, which has contributed to winning the Student Athlete Community Service and being nominated by the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Good Works Team. Jacob looks to continue to put a nice friendly face in the community.

Reporter: Jim McCormick
For the past decade, Jim McCormick has worked as an analyst covering the NFL and NBA for ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine. From 2009 to 2010, he served as a regular panelist for The Washington Post’s online NFL platform, The League. In addition to written content for The League, Jim conceived and produced the interview podcast series, “Behind the Helmet.” The fun podcast featured several top NFL stars talking about life off the field. From 2011-2012, Jim was the lead high school football editor for ESPN.com, an experience that taught him a great deal about budgeting and formatting content in a complex vertical. Jim served as an editor and co-publisher of the nationally distributed BLITZ Magazine from 2006 to 2010 in what was a broad learning experience as a media entrepreneur.

Seeking to complete a journalism degree from Temple University he first pursued in 2006, Jim is eager to learn about and engage in the coverage of addiction in America.

Reporter: Megan Milligan
Megan Milligan is a junior at Temple University, majoring in Journalism. A photographer, she loves traveling capturing everything along the way. She is from Delaware County, Pennsylvania. She was junior editor of the Delaware County Community College newspaper, The Communitarian. She has also contributed to both The Temple News and The Chestnut Hill Local.

Reporter: Erin Moran
Erin Moran is a junior journalism major and political science minor at Temple University. She currently works as a Deputy Features Editor of her college  newspaper, The Temple News, and a regular freelancer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Chestnut Hill Local.

Formerly, Erin worked as a features intern for the Philadelphia Inquirer, an editorial intern at Paris-based fashion magazine NOWFASHION and an editorial intern at Philadelphia Style Magazine. She has interviewed a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, covered political protests following the 2016 election and sat front-row to cover Men’s Fashion Week and Couture Week in Paris, France. She’s always looking for a new story to tell and a new ice cream shop to try.

Reporter: Danielle Nick
Danielle Nick is a senior journalism student at Temple University. Through her coursework and internships, she has grown as a multimedia journalist and is looking forward to graduation. She believes traditional hard news is valuable, but incomplete. Solutions journalism, on the other hand, offers a new, exciting, and improved way to tell a story. She is eager to look at social issues through a new lens and help to dismantle the negative stigma of addiction.