Scott McLane is a very direct and charismatic person, speaking his mind in a way that was the total opposite of how we saw recovery portrayed in the documentary The Anonymous People. McLane’s story was about how the recovery system failed him. McLane said his addiction started with his father and with that McLane never really understood how to make social connections. McLane was accepted into many prestigious colleges around the country and with his lack of social skills college became a hard place for him to make healthy connections with people. This caused McLane to start drinking and he went downhill from there. He became homeless and even contemplated suicide thats when he found the motivation to check himself into a rehabilitation center. He knew that suicide would hurt his mother. McLane acknowledge the fact that Alcohol Anonymous would not be the answer for everyone.

The importance of Scott McLane’s story was that recovery is not pretty and while he was trying to make ends meet and follow the path to sobriety he couldn’t be concerned with other peoples success. He told about a friend of his who was also in recovery but he lived a very lavished lifestyle compered to McLane. He had money, cars and a big house. The take away from this is that everyone experiences different amounts of trials and tribulations.