I first met Stephanie Strasburg in early March at the Northern Short Course in Photojournalism conference in Fairfax, Virginia. I sat in on her workshop about channeling your passion in the changing newsroom, where she talked about the variety of projects she’s worked on as a staff photographer at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Now, she’s come to Temple to talk to our class about her work on Thursday, and it never seems to get old. Her passion for telling people’s stories visually is so apparent in her images, and her words when she talks about her work.

Stephanie was probably my favorite guest speaker of the semester as she’s the one and only visual journalist that we had come to talk to our class. As a visual journalist myself, I resonated with her words and her approach to her work and hope to incorporate that into my own coverage for this class. One example of her work that she showed to our class that I loved was her newest project where she’s working with children who have grown up around addiction and allowing them to have a voice in how their story is told.