I thought this was a very interesting view to hear about from Stephanie Strasburg because we have heard from reporters but not photographers. It’s hard to figure out where that line is when it comes to photography. When I’m interviewing someone, if they say something that fits with my story and what I’m covering and it’s on the record, it’s fair game. But, photography’s line isn’t quite so simple, as we found out in our class discussions as well.

Her example of building trust between her and the people she is photographing is something that can be used no matter if you’re a photographer or a reporter, and it extends beyond the bounds of just covering addiction. It extends into perhaps other sensitive topics like eating disorders and self-harm etc. Knowing your sources and recognizing that to you, this may be a story, but to them, it’s real life is so important. As journalists, we need to recognize that our stories are real and they are someone’s life and approach them as such.