What is a solution?

A solution is a systemic response to a problem in society. A solution can succeed or fail or do both at the same time. Solutions attempt to combat societal issues; but, they don’t act as cure-all fixes.

What is evidence?

Evidence is information that backs up a claim. Journalists should put forth evidence to show a solution is working or to show how it’s failing. Evidence can come from compelling data trends or directly from sources involved in providing or receiving said solution.

What’s an example of an evidence-based solution to an addiction-related issue?

Gabrielle’s Glaser’s 2014 piece in The New York Times covers an evidence-based solution to rehabilitation for alcoholism. The piece examines how abstinence approaches to recovery (promoted by A.A. programs) may not be the best approach for people struggling with addiction to alcohol. Instead, the evidence-based reporting shows that recovery that allows for moderate alcohol consumption can produce positive, long-term results, especially for younger people. Some evidence that the article notes, includes expert comments from practicing psychologists, opinions from those in recovery and data from studies, such as a 2002 study out of the University of New Mexico that was published in the journal “Addiction.”