Past journalism views are beginning to shift. Should journalists do more than just reporting the facts? The main question of the article is, should reporters carry Narcan with them while they’re on the job? Mike Newall, a Philadelphia Inquirer columnist who writes about the overdose crisis, says yes. The traditional journalism mindset has been that reporters should not change and/or help the story but that their only job is to report on the subject and give the facts. Newall disagrees with this old view and believes if there is someone’s life that he can save he’s going to save it.

This article also discusses the other controversies the media has faced in the past, including the train accident that happened in 2010 with readers/viewer’s responses that the journalist should have done more. By becoming involved with the individuals that are involved with a story, does that make a journalist more vulnerable and bias towards the story? Or by helping those in need or close to death just make you human? There is ethics involved in these certain dilemmas but from what I got from the article, traditional journalistic views are changing.