Kensington has recently experienced an increase of opiod-related news coverage which has resurfaced an ethical debate regarding when a journalist should report or help when covering a story. Specifically, the question being raised is if journalist should carry Narcan with them when they are reporting on populations that are at high risk for overdose. Many journalist agree and state that they should be prepared to intervene and I do as well. I think that it should honestly be a requirement. I think that this is a very interesting topic and I understand both sides of the debate. I think that I personally would have trouble not intervening if I’m present when someones life is at risk. The article used an example about a photographer who was with Sonia Nazario. They were profiling a family who only could afford to eat three hot dogs for dinner. The  photographer that was with Sonia intervened by giving a family a bag of groceries. Sonia criticized his ethics because she doesn’t believe that someone should intervene or change a story they are writing about. In this specific situation I agree, I think that it is a journalists responsibility to tell a story as it is and therefore they shouldn’t have any physical influence over it.

However, I personally wouldn’t be able to abide by that when it comes to a persons life being in danger. I’ve also previously read about Kevin Carters suicide after his award winning photo of the Sudanese toddler. Many people argued that he should have done something more to help the child. This is clearly something that is very difficult for some journalists to live with and I think there should be more conversations about it. In this specific situation I don’t think that offering the toddler help after taking the photo would have really changed the story. She may have had the opportunity to still be alive which is where the outcome would have changed. However, that moment in which she was starving and taking her “last breaths” while the vulture loomed behind her would have still happened and would have remained unchanged if he intervened afterwards. Similarly, I think that journalist should be prepared to intervene depending on whether or not someones life is at risk. In regards to working with people who are at high risk of an overdose, I think that journalist should definitely be trained to do CPR and to use Narcan.