Before this class, I had no idea what Narcan was. I had never even heard of it and the way it can save lives in the hands of the right people at the right time. Because of what I learned in this class plus the articleIn the article ” Should journalists carry Narcan? For Some in Philadelphia, the answer is yes.” by Jill Bauer- Reese, I 100% believe that journalists should carry Narcan.

In the article, Bauer-Reese talks about how having Narcan at your disposal while reporting a story can save a life. After reading this article I believe that the future of journalism is being able to help save a life at a moments notice with Narcan. When reporting on topics such as drug addiction, I think people going into it need to be prepared for anything to happen. Unfortunately that can also include an overdose. Having Narcan and being prepared to help in a situation like that can help save lives. That reason alone should be the reason ever journalist carries Narcan.

I actually believe every profession should be training its workers how to use Narcan and also to encourage them to carry it with them, especially journalists. By giving people the equipment and resources like this, it can help someone save a life instead of them helplessly watching someone in need as you wait for an ambulance or a different stranger on the street to come help.