Shannon Hays, who works at Family Service Association of Bucks County, spoke to our class about her and her family’s journeys through recovery. She talked about the different kinds of treatment she went through and her short time incarcerated — which pushed her to find help with addiction. It was really interesting to hear how Hays and her family all struggled with addiction and ultimately made it into recovery. I wonder if the Hays family is an example or an anomaly when it comes to hereditary addiction and family treatment.

Something else Shannon talked about that I think is really interesting was the sheer number of recovery houses in Bucks County. She mentioned it’s like a testing ground for new methods and ideas for treatment, and I think the media should document that. Not only could those recovery resources provide a lot of potential solutions for other cities and states to replicate, it also does need to be monitored. Recovery housing is notoriously unregulated, and the fact that there are so many in one area raises my suspicion that some aren’t really there to help people in recovery.