So far things have really picked up for my article. Within the last week I have spoken with a number of sources and I have also received statistics from one of them. I interviewed Clayton Ruley, a worker at Prevention Point, and spoke with him about harm reduction. Ruley also showed us what a clean needle kit looks like and he also explained what everything in the kit was, and what it is used for.

I also spoke with Dr. Gina Simoncini, who is a Doctor and Professor, right here on Temple’s Campus. She explained to me how certain diseases are transmitted using unsanitary drug paraphernalia, which diseases are easier to contract and why, as well as the cost of medications without insurance.

Mitchell Gomez is also someone I spoke with and he runs and organization called Dance Safe. Where they educate the night life community and recreational drug users on the dangers of fake opiates and fake club drugs. They also are very big into harm reduction and do everything they can to make the night life environment safe.

So, pretty much all that is left to do is to put it all together for my final draft and get the visual material needed for the project as well.