My reporting is coming along really well and I’m pleased with my story so far. This subject is very important to me and I’m determined to tell this story in a thorough, thoughtful and compelling way. At women’s recovery house Interim House I have interviewed Director Kathy Wellbank and lead therapist Jessica Bright I have interviewed Gab Bilotta, a trauma counselor at Joseph J. Peters Institute who is also a certified drug and alcohol counselor, and JJPI’s executive director Ivan Haskell Additionally, I have interviewed Carol from Angels in Motion and Adrienne Miller, the outreach team coordinator for women’s recovery group Women for Sobriety. Further, I’ve spoken with a resident of Interim House about her experience with trauma, addiction and how a woman-exclusive recovery center has helped her with her addiction.

Over the next week, I intend to pursue finding voices/photos on the ground in Kensington. I also plan to return to Interim House on Tuesday to speak with a woman who is further along in her recovery who can speak about how trauma-informed therapy methods like dialectical behavioral therapy have helped her in recovery. I’ll also be taking additional photos with a more advanced DSLR lens to up my image quality. I’ll be emphasizing taking a good header image for my photo, which Sydney has agreed to help out with.