Meeting and discussing overdose response with Elvis Rosado of Prevention Point was, overall, a great experience. Elvis was clearly passionate about helping others dealing with addiction, but it was hard to look past some of the conflicting evidence he brought forward. For example, he warned to always wear gloves when administering naloxone and rescue breaths, as he believed someone could get some sort of contact high. He cited the incident in which three policemen were rushed to the hospital after discovering fentanyl at a home in Strawberry Mansion. I was surprised that he supported this claim, as there isn’t any scientific evidence that supports it.

He also put a big stress on the role that prescription opioids had on getting people involved with addiction, but previously, Jillian said their effects on the epidemic at large weren’t as significant as people claim.

Aside from that, the training was informative. I appreciated seeing all of the different vessels naloxone is administered through.