The trip to Prevention Point was an extremely informative and inspiring experience. Before we even got to the Narcan training, our trainer, Elvis Rosado, spoke to us about how the center got started and what services it provides. I was impressed by how many programs they offer aside from their harm reduction services, like the Ladies Night with movies and hair and nails. Prior to this trip, I had an estimate on certain statistics, but certain numbers really surprised me. For instance, Rosado had explained that the number of deaths due to overdose 2017 was more deaths than in Vietnam in 10 years. He also explained the potency of fentanyl, which was 50- 100 times stronger than heroin. Walking up and through the building was an experience in itself. The building was packed with people seeking services. To put that into perspective, that wasn’t even a measurable percentage of people who are affected by this epidemic.

Before this trip, I had no knowledge of how to administer Narcan or what went into a reversal. I found it surprisingly simple. However, how to handle the situation after that is what I found the most interesting. Rosado explained to us how to treat the person afterward, from how not to touch them to what to say to keep them calm. I feel like I can properly handle this situation now if I am ever put into that position. Last week we read and discussed if journalists should carry Narcan on them. This presentation left me with the definitive answer that yes, we should.

After this trip, I feel more inspired for this project. Rosado really put into perspective how many people are actually affected by this and how badly. It sparked another fire in me to report on this. After his presentation, I left with some ideas for some articles that I’m excited to get started on.