Jillian, this was emailed to you on 1/24 but I didn’t have access to the WordPress

Andrew Haeg’s perspective of news as a conversation with the community is a pillar of engagement journalism. I found it interesting that this form of journalism is seen as a response and reflection of the community, according to the Democracy Fund. It is confusing, however, that this form of journalism is considered “people-powered” and “participatory journalism,” with an emphasis on the surrounding community. If one were to do a piece on a national issue, say on privatized or for-profit prisons, would it not be considered engagement reflection? How much attention needs to be placed on the issues of the local community for it to be considered engagement journalism, and are there any examples of larger-scale or national engagement journalism?

In reading that ideas for engagement journalism are often powered by the community, the locality of most of these pieces seems justified. I found it interesting that in engagement journalism, it is especially important to keep one’s mission in mind, as these pieces can often insight real change in the communities that are being covered. It made sense that journalists often partner with organizations to effectively address issues in the communities they serve. When I spoke with a documentary filmmaker about my aspirational goal of doing long-term journalism in middle America, she suggested I partner with an established organization in the area. This can help to understand the needs of the area, and how to best serve them through journalism.

Pathways to Engagement stated that in practice, diversity and representation aren’t just an important piece of journalism, but rather the work of the form itself. I look forward to discussing how this plays into the localization of engagement journalism. Is this statement simply just emphasizing the importance of featuring the needs of minorities, or rather making pieces that are inclusive of a wide set of people? The ladder seems to conflict with the rest of the teachings in the piece.