I was skeptical about going to the Narcan training because I was honestly worried about being in Kensington. After attending the training, I was happy I went because I got to learn a skill that could save the life of someone in my life or someone that I can come across in my day to day life. It also made me feel like now that I saw first hand how bad people struggle with their addictions, I want to help them more and I am happy this class allows me to do so.

I learned a lot from this training besides just how to administer Narcan correctly. I learned the exact chemical affects of Narcan and what can happen if people use again after having it in their system. I learned exactly how quickly you can get a opioid addiction and also how quickly your tolerance can drop. One thing that really stuck with me was how fentanyl does not show up on a regular drug test. I think that having this knowledge plus all the other things he taught us about drugs will help me moving forward in this class.

I thought Elvis Rosado was a great instructor. His real life Narcan experiences made learning how to use it so much better because he knows the little tricks that can help the person even more. I have so much respect for Rosado because he goes through so much every day and never stops. After seeing how much they do for the community and then going outside and seeing how far that have yet to go made me feel hopefully that one day they can give everyone struggling the help they need.