Today’s trainer and guest speaker, Elvis Rosado, left me with a number of questions. His choice of words at times seemed at odds with the training that we have received thus far in the semester, and some of the information presented about substance use disorders seemed to contradict other information that we have been given. That said, his hands on experience and passion for helping people made for a very engaging and valuable training experience.


Many of the specifics about overdoses and availability of certain substances were news to me. I am looking forward to the opportunity to study his slides in more detail and with more time.


Perhaps more important than terminology and technicalities was the actual Narcan training. Going into the training, I believed that I had a good understanding of how to help someone experiencing an overdose. I am grateful for the number of possible scenarios that he went over and the different variables of those situations that we might encounter. He spoke with a sense of urgency but also urged us to be aware of our surroundings and to make sure to make out own health and safety a priority. I also appreciated that he told us exactly how to approach someone who you suspect may be overdosing, and how to speak to them after reversing the overdose. I had never considered how I would handle those situations before and I now realize that they would have caused me anxiety and could have left me feeling confused and overwhelmed should I ever need to use Narcan.