I learned a lot from Maia Szalavitz speaking in our class. I hadn’t really thought about science and evidence before going hand in hand with the reporting. I really just thought about reporting driven by people and stats, which, admittedly, isn’t as solid of reporting as it could be, and that sunk in for me after listening to Szalavitz speak in class. We need to, as journalists, find a way to be covering this topic with sensitivity but also not allow people any room for loopholes or twisting our words etc. This issue needs to be addressed period and taken seriously and the way this starts is through reporting like what Szalavitz mentioned.

In class, she also mentioned something about the proper AP Style for dealing with addiction and recovery language. I was surprised, then, at the number of publications, even major publications, who don’t seem to uphold this 100 percent of the time. You’ll never see an Oxford Comma make the light of day in journalism, but giving those in recovery or those seeking recovery the respect of using proper language seems to be too much to ask.