Chuck Blair the senior pastor at New Church Live and two members of his congregation, Rob Nash a member in the long-term recovery community and Mary Haney the mother of a child that died from an overdose, came to speak to us today about faith and recovery. New Church Live is a Christian church that opens its doors to anyone. This church provides a space for people who have been affected by addiction to find support and hold an annual service that speaks directly about addiction and recovery.

I felt that I connected with these speakers the most thus far this semester because I’m someone that believes that God heals all who seek it. There message was strong and Pastor Chuck Blair does a really good job conveying a message of recovery. Nash said he had broken 9 of the 10 Commandments by the time he was 19. Nash is now 70 years old and he uses this ministry as a way to share his story. Hanley also talked about how she use this ministry and how she passes out blessing bags throughout the city.