It was very interesting to hear about the medical side of things, especially since my dad is in the medical field. I can’t imagine walking away from a house anticipating that you’re going to be back there in another week when the person overdoses again. That’s a crazy thing to think about because people still don’t feel as though they need help, yet emergency response teams are coming back week after week. Yet, that still isn’t a sign to them because of their current frame of mind.

It was also interesting hearing more about the Good Samaritan law from the legal side of things. I think that it’s hard, though, because the people who actually need to hear about it aren’t hearing about it because they don’t have access to news sources in order to get that information. Thus, they are still scared to call in when someone is overdosing because they are still scared of being arrested themselves. I think this is a law that needs to be publicly known and known well because it could potentially help save lives if people aren’t fearing their arrest for helping a friend.