It was very informative to hear these gentlemen come out and share their experience. They all have exclusive backgrounds in their respective fields. We were taught exactly what happens to your body scientifically when someone is overdosing.

They explained what Narcan, medically known as naloxone, does to one’s body and how it helps people recover from an overdose. They shared that their experience when they revive someone after an overdose most of their patients are furious that someone brought them back from their high.

They spoke in depth about the dangers of working in the field and dealing with opiates. They explained that EMTs and police officers have their own set of Narcan just in case they are exposed to the drug and start to feel the effects. We were taught about the “Good Samaritan Law.” This state’s basic protection for those who assist a person who is injured or in danger. I believe that this law could save thousands of lives.

We also spoke briefly about their opinions on “safe injection sites.” Their consensus was that it encourages drug use and that many cons come along with it. Overall listening to these men was very informative.