It was a great experience having Aubrey Whelan from the Philadelphia Inquirer speak in our class. I remember reading her articles about the opioid crisis and the development of Safehouse last year. Meeting her in person and listening to her experiences gave me a perspective on how this class would look like in the future. Whelan talked about her one-on-one experiences with the community of Kensington and she made valid points that we as journalists should keep in mind if we want to help the community.

Whelan said it is important to recognize that the opioid crisis is most visible in Kensington, but it really is a city-wide epidemic. With the city’s current situation, it is not enough to bring awareness to the drug problem in our communities. Whelan called it “copping out,” as it is no longer effective. If a journalist is reporting and covering addiction, it is imperative to bring solutions to the picture and how they have worked/not worked.