I thought Aubrey Whelan was a great guest speaker. Her opinions and takes on covering addiction are exactly what we talk about in class and my own personal opinions and takes as well. I especially liked how she mentioned that she is from Philadelphia so telling the stories of people struggling in Philadelphia hit close to home to her. It makes her care more than other news organizations coming in from outside Philly to report and then leave. Which helps create trust between her and the people she is interviewing/reporting on.

I feel like that is how we are in this class as well. This has become our home whether we are born and raised in Philadelphia or just here for a couple years. We are now members of the Philadelphia community and it is our job to report and cover this issue with as much care as Whelan.

I also really liked how she would include stories of those who lost their lives. I think it is important to show the public that these are peoples families members and they need help and support. We get to tell their stories in hopes that by bringing attention to the problem we can help someone else save their loved one.