Freddie Laboy, who is a recovery specialist at Prevention Point, talked to the class about the ways he supports his clients and the different kinds of support groups they can or need to access. Laboy has a very large caseload, and he highlighted the fact that it’s difficult to have just one person who can help someone through recovery because each kind of treatment has to be specific to the individual.

Laboy also spent a lot of time talking about the stigmas that accompany people who are in medication-assisted treatment, or MAT. He said people in MAT face a lot of stigma in the recovery community because treatment methods like 12-step programs often encourage complete abstinence from all substances that could alter someone’s mood, which include the medications used in MAT.

In response to the stigma, Laboy started a 12-step meeting for people using MAT. We should do some coverage of Laboy’s Medication-Assisted Recovery Anonymous group — I think it would be a good sidebar to include somewhere in the project. It’s an alternative to one of the barriers people face, and we should include it.