I enjoyed hearing more about the standards and the more detail-oriented aspects of recovery housing since that isn’t something we have heard from yet this semester. We have, of course, heard from the experiential side of things but not so much on the logistical side of things that someone like Fred Way works around. I found it interesting that the certification is voluntary. At least, in my opinion, having these houses hit this requirement could only be beneficial for those who decide to live in them. If we aren’t holding them to really high standards are they really helping at all was all I could think about.

I think it is great that Way is dedicating his service to this that ensures that these houses meet these requirements. When we are talking about something so sensitive as recovery and dealing with something as important and sensitive as a human life we really should be taking all preventative and positive measures to help ensure that we are helping these people to the best of our ability. You can’t and shouldn’t get into this field just because–if you’re doing it, you should do it the whole way and strive to meet these standards even if they are optional.