The guest speakers that visited our class on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 were Chas Carlson, Craig Hall and Joe Sobol, who are all paramedics in the area, as well as Eric Miller, who is a law enforcement officer in Delaware County, just outside of the city. During their visit, they spoke about their experiences responding to overdose calls in the area, which was rather heartbreaking to hear. Although, it was interesting to hear what it’s like to respond to these calls so frequently from these first responders. Medical personnel and law enforcement learn to become somewhat detached when responding to these types of calls, so it was great to get a humanized perspective. 

The group also talked about Narcan and how it’s been portrayed by the media as a “solution” to the opioid problem, which they said isn’t the case. The amount of Narcan in the small nasal spray packages is such a small dosage to administer to someone who has a lot of drugs in their systems, and revive them, they added. However, the demand for Narcan is still there. I found this especially interesting because I will be working on a story for this class about people such as community leaders, professors, librarians, etc. who carry Narcan with them every day. After hearing this group talk, I will definitely keep their words in mind when interviewing subjects for my project.