David Fialko from the Council of Southeast Pennsylvania came to talk to our class about how to use Narcan and talk about the science of opioids.

Besides talking about the topic of Narcan, one of the interesting things I took away was the science of opioids and how they affect the brain. Fialko was able to explain how opioids really affect the body and brain. What’s interesting is that learning that opiates come from a plant called Opium Poppy.

I will be honest, I am really not a science person, but this was probably the first time I found myself really enhanced in learning about the science behind opiates and what they do to the brain and body.

Fialko was also able to educate and teach us how to use Narcan in emergencies. Learning this was very important because there are specific directions to follow when using Narcan. I think I was disappointed of the price to purchase Narcan, but overall it was very beneficial to learn this.