This guest speaker was so enlightening and really interesting because I honestly didn’t know a lot about Narcan, or as much as I’d like to know rather, before this session. It was really interesting to hear Fialko talk about telling the person you’re giving them Narcan before you do so. I had a gut feeling that you did that anyhow, but I didn’t realize that by telling them you’re giving them Narcan that it could elicit a response like what Fialko discussed. How by merely saying you’re going to give someone Narcan, they could respond just out of the pure feeling that they didn’t want Narcan.

I also find it interesting how expensive Narcan is. I started to think about whether or not something that is so valuable to saving human lives should be so expensive. In some cases, it almost traps people if there is no one around who can afford to keep it on hand. To have a short-term solution, but a solution nonetheless, so available yet so unavailable at the same time is rather shocking.