Angels in Motion helps those who struggle with addiction by talking to them and most importantly not forcing them into treatment.

Carol Rostucher of Angels in Motion, a organization that helps spread awareness and going to the streets to help those struggling with addiction, spoke to the Covering Addiction class at Temple University about what she does including just simply talking and giving food to the people with their addiction and that are homeless.

Hearing Rostucher talking about what she does made me think about how I wish there were more people like her. What she does for the people of addiction is incredible. She gives them love and care. The class also learned about the dark sides of what she does and that was hard to hear, but she didn’t shy away from the reality. Those struggling with addiction need an ID to enter a recovery place. To me, this doesn’t make sense to me. Why should an ID stand in the way of person trying to get help?

Overall, this was a person that a class needed to hear. Angels in Motion is a good organization that gives love and care to the people with addiction.