Carol Rostucher of Angels in Motion came to speak with our class about the work she does in Kensington, her experience with various treatment centers in the city and her plans to open a safe injection site, or comprehensive user engagement site (CUES).

Carol is a great source for all things addiction and recovery in the city. It was interesting to see how she has formed relationships with all people connected to addiction in the city, from those who use drugs to drug dealers to law enforcement.

She also spoke about issues she sees in the city’s drug treatment system, and how she has learned to navigate the addiction and recovery world despite these hurdles. She said people need I.D. to enter treatment, despite city leaders saying that’s not the case. This requirement presents barriers for some people who do not have an I.D. Angels in Motion combats this problem by helping people get I.D.s and find treatment centers that cater to their needs.

Carol also spoke about the importance of treating people as individuals and recognizing that people respond to different avenues of treatment. She said she isn’t a proponent of “tough love” and said often those who are struggling with addiction often just need someone to listen to them.