I think this was such an important topic to cover because we see a lot of treatment plans, but we don’t see people who are on the ground working with those struggling. It was actually shocking to me that these state lawmakers are contradicting things by saying that those seeking recovery don’t need IDs and then finding out that they do. That’s not supporting an attitude of recovery and an attitude of helping others. If someone is seeking recovery, I don’t understand why or how an ID could stand in their way.

If they know they can’t get help if they don’t have an ID, then what’s the motivation to even try and get into recovery if you know you’re shut down before you even start? I know I wouldn’t personally have any desire to get into recovery if I knew that I didn’t meet the requirements to get into recovery in the first place. I think it’s great that there is an organization out there trying to do something about it because if someone is seeking out recovery, there’s no good reason to deny them of that.