At this point, I have all the interviews I will be using for my story. I went to Kensington over the weekend and interviewed two women with addictions about their experiences on the streets in the area. One woman was living in a tent in the encampment under the El and the other woman was renting a room in the area but will be kicked out of her place at the end of the month for failing to pay rent. It was an impactful experience hearing their stories and having them open up about their trauma and experiences. Their voices will add a lot of depth to my piece. One of the women allowed me to take a photo of her that I’d like to use in the article.

This afternoon, I visited Interim House for the second time. Sydney came along and we took lots of photos around the house and the people I’ve interviewed. Today I spoke with two women who have been in treatment at IH for a few months about how trauma-informed therapies like DBT have helped them into recovery. They also let me know the benefits of having a women-exclusive recovery house. I will be setting up a time to go back to JJPI with Sydney to take some further photos.