1. Language is so important when writing solution journalism stories. During this of course we were reminded a countless amount of times about our language when writing and conducting interviews. You never know what people may be sensitive too, so using the correct language was key. I also found that people within long-term recovery have there own words and phrases that they have deemed to appropriate language.
  2. Solution Journalism is hard to write. I really didn’t think it would this difficult to write in this tone of voice. I’m so use to writing on hard news topics using traditional journalism that is was hard not to write my story that way.
  3. The number of solutions that we found while researching addiction and recovery. I was very impressed by the number of way to find recovery. I feel as if all we hear about is AA or NA as the only ways to get to recovery. I also was very surprise by the amount of literature and research on the many solutions out there.
  4. I learned that interviews shouldn’t be so structured to get the best results. I found that my best quotes came from natural conversation. I also have never gone to a gym just to gain a better understanding of the story. Its helped me gain a better understanding of the community environment to write and better story.
  5. More news organizations need to be writing solutions stories. They offer so much more to the public and should be taken as real news pieces and not as niche of news stories.
  6. Addiction/Recovery should be reported on more in a positive light. More people should know about the long term recovery community. This would also help with the stigma around this topic of addiction.
  7. I also really think that crossfit recovery  should really be looked into and explored by people in this community. I think it could very beneficial to everyone in the recovery community because there is a group atmosphere during all work outs and you dont have to have a athletic background to do crossfit. All crossfit workouts are completely customizable to fit every individual person in the group. It gives you something to do on the weekend and friend to hang out with during the week. I still talk to Gavin and Melody on a daily bases.
  8. Solutions taught me that 12 step programs are not for everyone and that people have to find their own way to recovery.
  9. People who need help have to want to get help. This class taught me that people who dont want to go to treatment won’t stay in treatment. You have to fine that ‘why’ for you to be successful. Recovery is not pretty and everyone will experience different things while fighting to stay in recovery.
  10. Solution Journalism can help you light a new fire to fuel your creative mind. I know that I was having trouble writing traditional news stories and I found that my voice never changed. Solution Journalism helped me get back to the reason why I fell in love with journalism in the first place.