The images. The visual scene of the current drug epidemic. It’s amazing how pictures can get a reaction from people and every emotion is always present.  Photojournalist, Stephanie Strasburg, is a staff photographer at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. She spoke to The Covering Addiction class about a multimedia project for the Gazette called “Life and Death on Santron Avenue”. The project/story touches on the ongoing opioid epidemic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Not only was the story compelling as I read it in my own time, but the images and multimedia additions to the story were very emotional. As Strasburg told the stories behind the photos and multimedia, there was shock, tears, and any emotion you can think of among the journalists in the class.

Strasburg’s images for the story brought an emotion to everyone. Her images really inspired myself and many of us in the class. Our eyes were opened to the epidemic through images and video. The story showed us that visual journalism is just as important as words. Visuals can tell a compelling story and they can capture emotion.