Robert Ashford and Jimmy Hatzell recently visited our class to discuss the benefits of collegiate recovery programs.

The purpose of these programs along with advocating addiction recovery is the enmeshment of an academic and recovery lifestyle. Colleges without these programs have students in recovery who aren’t supported on campus and feel isolated from the rest of the student population.

Jimmy Hatzell, who found recovery through Penn state’s collegiate recovery program, experienced this first hand. Prior to being recommended to the program, Hatzell recalls feeling like he “didn’t belong in class,” and felt as though he wasn’t a part of the community.

However, after joining the collegiate recovery program Hatzell not only discovered that recovery was possible for a young person but it allowed him to meet people who were struggling with the same thing that he was

“I was able to identify as a student in recovery at Penn state,” he said.

Collegiate alleviated Hatzell of the peer pressures that come with everyday college life, which can a demanding task for students who are trying to have fun and stay. Ultimately, collegiate programs work, they’re cheap and they help students navigate a difficult situation.