I think my story has really taken shape this week. I’ve talked to almost 10 people that carry Narcan with them on a regular basis, which has been a rather humbling experience. Some people carry their Narcan due to a personal experience, others carry because they’re living in the community and encounter addiction every day. I’ve also spoken to a police officer that was able to give me information on when police started carrying Narcan in Delaware County, as the cop I spoke with works in that county, and how many times they’ve had to use it since they started carrying it. I got data from a source today that has the amount of Narcan reversals by police by county in Pennsylvania for 2017. I’m seeking out data for Narcan reversals by EMTs and firefighters in Philadelphia as well. I have a few more interviews set up for this weekend and early next week, one with a person that was administered Narcan three times while in active addiction, but is now in recovery.

Visually, my story is on great terms. I’ve been taking portraits of everyone I speak with, as well as close-up shots of their hands holding Narcan. I plan on making a gridded header images with all the different hands holding Narcan. As far as action shots, I also have visuals from various Narcan trainings in the city and Narcan advertisements in subway stops, billboards, etc.