As a journalism major, it has been drilled into my head that I am to remain an objective storyteller and to not emotionally attach myself to subjects or publications. While I still think there is some truth to that, I feel as though that is mainly an antiquated idea in order for a journalist to produce the most shocking and raw story — which, in turn, would lead to more sales. I think it is important to not have a close relationship to subjects or organizations that you are reporting on, but I also think when a matter of life or death is on your hands, we have a moral obligation to step in.

I think journalists SHOULD carry Narcan because, especially with the opioid crisis and the constant media attention around it, traveling to high-risk areas could easily result in a situation where it is needed. With solutions journalism, we are reporting on methods that are currently working to counteract or manage this issue, and what better way to report on something that could reverse an overdose by actually being trained in using Narcan and possibly administering it to someone in need. I think in the modern world of journalism, we need to let go of the notion that we are completely detached from the stories in which we are writing or producing, because that is not always the case.