Before Tuesday’s class, I had never actually heard of a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). After listening in on Pat and Chelsea speak, I could tell how genuinely passionate they were about helping the people that come to them as well as understanding the nitty-gritty aspects of recovery. I especially liked how they talked about the relationships they have formed with the people that they work with as well as the rewarding elements that it has brought them. I also appreciated how Chelsea mentioned that she tries to put her mental health first because ultimately, she is still in recovery too.

I think these guest speakers brought a new and interesting perspective to the class and it is always refreshing when people in recovery are helping those suffering from substance use disorder. As Pat and Chelsea said, they have been in their shoes and know ways to actually help them rather than guilt or shame them or criticize someone for relapsing. I definitely loved their passion because when people are passionate about something, work gets done and it gets done well. I think Pat and Chelsea are definitely going one step further to end the stigma surrounding addiction.