Scott McLane thought The Anonymous People was a fairytale version of what real life people in long term recovery really go through. As a person in recovery and sponsor for many, Scott spoke honestly and uncensored when sharing his history and relationship with alcohol. Despite attending a successful high school, and being accepted into prestigious colleges like Columbia, Scott still felt small. He stated that he didn’t know how to ask for help, and tended to many of his troubles by drinking at local bars. He told us he was never a guy who thought about getting clean, and that the entire system failed him from day one. This led to his homelessness and recurrent suicidal ideations.

Scott’s nonchalant attitude and joking manner was refreshing. Although I’m sure his past still pains him greatly, Scott spoke with reassurance and optimism. I feel like his use of curse words and jokes/insults was his way of processing through his story. His friendship with Rich was also a testament to the human element of treatment, that “one alcoholic helping another” was one of his best modes of recovery. As a person with no background or experience with addiction, I really appreciated Scott and Rich coming in to talk to us.

*This post was edited in January 2019 to remove the last name of one of the guest speakers at his request.