I thought Pat and Chelsea were great guest speakers to talk about their field. Their past experiences give them more of an advantage to talk to people who are in recovery but also to explain recovery and its up and downs to people who may not really understand. They have such an important role in the recovery process for people and they have to many people to help at once. Their normal case load is about 22-25 give or take so having that many people to help and share their stories with can probably help so many people in the future and in other peoples recoveries.

I really liked how they were so open with discussing their past struggles and problems facing their own recovery. This definitely makes them people who can be confided in and trusted within the process.  One thing that they said that really stuck with me was “sinners get mad at sinners because they don’t sin the same way” because I feel like that is how a lot of people look at people with substance abuse disorders. They judge them for their own struggles yet they have struggles of their own that could be completely different, but it is still a struggle. If more people respected other peoples “sins’ as they put it it could probably really help the stigma surrounding addiction.