Keli McLoyd is a policy analyst from PHMC. She came to talk to us about Narcan as well medication assisted programs and where we can find reliable substance use data. McLoyd was super helpful when talking about Narcan, she was real and upfront about what it means to give Narcan to someone else and how they’ll potentially react after being given the dosage. Throughout the class we discussed mostly on the three main FDA approved medications for opioid use which are methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone. McLoyd expressed the barriers that they have for people who want to get better but can’t because they are chained to the FDA rules and regulations.

The system needs to change in order for people who use substances to get better. “People are handcuffed to the methadone clinic,” McLoyd said. The problem is the extremely strict rules that surround the approved medications. Rules that don’t allow someone to go about their daily life in a regular manner while also getting the help that they need. I find it very confusing that although people and the government want to do something about the opioid crisis, I think it’s strange that the system makes it so difficult to get better. McLoyd was also extremely helpful when it came to telling us about resources that we can use for future reference. McLoyd gave us a few packets with data and statistics about substance use also offering herself as an information resource.