Keli McLoyd had a lot of information on the medical side of SUD, and I think this was important and refreshing for our class to hear. She went into detail about the logistics of things like methadone clinics and other medications to treat opioid use disorder while still reiterating the fact that opioids are not the only source of addiction and that this is something that needs highlighting in the media. Keli also generously gave the entire class two doses of Narcan, which is definitely something I appreciated.

I like that Keli was critical of the approaches taken in modern medicine to OUD. She emphasized that many doctors are not trained or equipped to handle this disorder and therefore it is largely underreported in emergency room records throughout the country. I also liked that she explained the process of administering medications to treat OUD and how they differ from medication to medication. Overall, I think she had a lot of good information regarding topics we hadn’t yet covered in class.