Chelsea and Pat are both Certified Recovery Specialists working for Magellan Behavioral Health. When they spoke to our class, the CRS’s went into detail about their work in recovery support services. Chelsea and Pat emphasized the importance of how support should be for individuals in treatment, recovery, and those looking to start those processes. They work personally with cases, face to face in order to best figure out and meet their needs. Pat described their services as a bridge to the rest of the services that can further treatment and recovery. A big part of being a CSR is networking to branch out and to find as many resources possible including housing, food services such as food stamps, assisting to find jobs and essentially anything they could do in order to uplift their people to have a successful treatment/recovery process.

Being in recovery themselves, Chelsea and Pat understand the importance of support without judgment. The help given those with substance use disorder should be empowering, not enabling, said Pat. It’s great to see how involved and willing people like them are in helping more and more individuals into recovery. What struck me the most is when Chelsea said how ten years ago this kind of help was not around and how individuals did not have any type of resources compared to now. It’s encouraging to know that has changed for the better.