Av work for the Philadelphia Inquirer and his writing is policy driven. He talked about how he spends most of his time talking to people on the phone instead of doing ground work in person. I thought it was interesting how he brought up that it feels as if its a trade off, one either writes about policy or about people. Av asked the class if we look at accessing policy as a resource or as a shore, which I thought was interesting because I personally wasn’t too aware of the fact that I have looked at it as a chore. However, I’m glad he asked us how we feel about it because it really made me reconsider my perspective on policy, whether its using it as a resource or writing about it.

I also thought it was really important how he pointed out that stigma does not only apply to people, it can also apply to policy. For example, Av mentioned how people assume that safe injection sites or syringe exchanges would encourage a person to want to use. Which was interesting because there are no cases about people who randomly felt the urge to begin using because a new safe injection site or syringe exchange site opened in the neighborhood. I thought that Av had a lot interesting points and I also liked that it was more of a Q&A kind of approach to the lecture.