Although I was not able to be present for Lisa’s presentation, I am familiar with the type of work that she and her family does for the community. Lisa is originally from Kensington and she runs an art program called Tea & Textiles out of Prevention Point and The Kensington Storefront. I think it is really interesting that Lisa is not a certified Art Therapist, however she did not let that discourage her. Lisa still found a way to use art in a way that positively impacts people in her community, specifically people who have a substance use disorder.

It goes to show that there really are no limits and I think that people like the Kelley’s are really important people who play a vital role in the community. I also really appreciate the fact that the Kelley’s were inspired to do the work that they do because of some of their personal experiences. They’re very passionate about their work and they also truly understand what addiction is, which allows them to really connect and help people in the community.