The medical and law enforcement perspective of the addiction issue showed a unique side that not a lot of people here about if they aren’t in those work spaces Many topics during the conversation surprised me but the two things that stood out the most in my opinion was the stress they all put on how Narcan isn’t the ‘magic’ drug it is perceived to be and also how in some situations, they prioritize Narcan for themselves.

It makes sense as to why paramedics, police officers and other emergency responders would save Narcan for themselves but it just never passed my mind that they would have to do so. It was interesting to learn about the caution the responders take, especially when dealing with fentanyl, and hearing about certain situations in which they save Narcan for themselves or their colleagues. It was also engaging to hear each one of them emphasize how Narcan is just one step to the opioid solution. Many people think having Narcan is the “be all, end all” to saving people from addiction, but it really only solves the issue of deaths caused by overdose.

Another interesting thing to hear about was the Good Samaritan laws and how the local government issued those to try and combat drug related deaths from occurring. Whether or not the Good Samaritan laws have somewhat worked as a solution in decreasing drug related deaths would be an interesting topic to further look into.