Though there are countless articles dedicated to covering addiction, there are clear distinctions between solutions journalism and traditional Journalism.

“Espanola: The Town that Tried Everything to Fight Addiction” was written by Leah Todd in August 2016. It explores the lack of progress made towards preventing drug overdose in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico despite numerous effects to combat the issue. In recent years the number of fatal overdoses has risen from 7 to 40 in the county and from 100 to more than 500 on a statewide level. Todd goes on to explore to a multitude of strategies that have been adopted to target the issue and shows why they have yet to improve the situation. This is not a conventional solutions story in that it chooses to focus on a story that is not necessarily success oriented. However, it does provide insight into how the state is attempting to handle the issue. It also does not focus on one primary character but uses a wide range of sources.

“Dark side of hedonism: a rock journalist’s battle with drug addiction” by Barney Hoskyns, on the other hand, tells a tale of a single rock journalist battle against drug addiction. The article outlines the events of his life, beginning with his childhood and into his journalism career where he first encountered his addiction. The article ends with the journalist conquering his addiction through his work and coming to an enlightening realization. This article is very traditional in the sense that it focuses on one individual and is intended to be motivational. It is a story of how one individual conquered many of his inner demons. It does not aim to discuss addiction as a whole or what’s being done about it.