Chelsea Crocker and Pat Dooley are two people who have both been through recovery. Now, they work in recovery support services as Certified Recovery Specialist, supporting others through their individual recoveries. Their job is to get people to a point where they can rely on themselves. They expressed how important it was that everyone’s story is different and that no one’s individual recovery plan is the same. Crocker and Dooley work as the connecting factor, being the bridge between people in recovery and social workers. Helping them create recovery plans and individual objectives all while helping them reach those goals. Their job is to stick with the person going through treatment, recovery, setbacks etc. through thick and thin, helping them get back on track and supporting them through their individual process.

When talking about her own recovery story, Crocker explained to us how important it was for people to hold themselves accountable for the things they’ve done in the past and to learn and move forward from those mistakes. “Just show up, and just do it.” Crocker said. Due to self-knowledge, Dooley and Crocker both agreed that the stigma towards recovery is starting to break down. Dooley said that it’s because of fear and the idea of abstinence during recovery that makes people want to hide. However, he explained that what’s going to get them through is honesty, reaching out, sharing and active listening. That these are the productive tools that are going to help those in recovery get to where they want to be.

I think that Crocker and Dooley’s jobs are extremely important when it comes to the recovery process. Both have resources and connections that will help the people they are working with through recovery. But, the fact that both Crocker and Dooley have been on both sides and in the shoes of the people they are helping makes them more relatable and understandable.