With Today’s guest speakers, it’s very easy for me to say how much I could relate to both of them. When I heard Brooke’s story, first of all, when I heard the story about her mother, I was devastated. Her mother’s addiction cost her, her life, and Brooke never got the chance to have the talk with her that she really wanted. I found it extremely interesting that even though her mother was an addict and Brooke knew it from a very young age. Yet, she still ended up using, and to me it really goes to show that addiction doesn’t discriminate.

When I heard Evan’s story I could relate even more. I was also addicted to prescription pills and when you have a bottle with your name on it, you really don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. Also, he spoke about how he had to go to jail to really get treatment. I remember when I had my first overdose my parents tried to get me into treatment, but because my parents were successful and made money, it was going to cost them $3,000 to get me into treatment and they just didn’t have the money to do so. Luckily, I never got arrested, however, my best friend ended up getting arrested going to get drugs for the both of us. It scared me to my core, but it was the fact that I couldn’t get drugs without her and that I was going to withdrawal that made me tell my parents.


Once I finally did, I got the help I needed.
Hearing Brooke and Evan’s story was very bittersweet. It is so amazing that they got sober and have stayed sober for as long as they have. But, it is also said to hear the differences in reaction to white people dying compared to people of color. Regardless of whatever race anyone is, if they are an addict they just need help, regardless of their skin color. Brooke had to deal with being the only white female in juvie and Kevin had to deal with being a person of color and not being able to get help until he got arrested and went to jail. It makes me think about my situation and how grateful I am to get sober and that I haven’t dealt with situation such as they did. They are two of the bravest people I have ever met.